Thursday, February 21, 2008

The glorious colours...

1/45sec - F5.0 - iso100
Black Spruce

1/220sec - F5.0 - iso100
This sky is gorgeous!

The framing is a little off, but I wanted to show more of the sky...

I shot the three photos directly above in Fuji's chrome color mode, as I could see the camera was not capturing the color properly. It is certainly an improvement - but no exaggeration, the real sunrise was better!

1/10sec - F4.0 - iso100

Here you can see the scene off to the left of the photos above, with that sunrise adding an edge of warmth to what is otherwise quite desolate.

In other news, I am going to be involved in photographing another friend's wedding. Borrowing a camera again. I'm thinking a lot about the logistics of it all. I've started making a softbox using daylight spiral CFL's from Home Depot. They reportedly have a CRI of 82+ and hopefully this will be enough. I will post some pics of the project soon (along with a completed sconce!).

Also, speaking of thinking ahead, I am pushing to get the fluorescent lights changed in the hall the wedding takes place in! Currently they are magnetic ballast and who knows what kind of bulbs. What I am asking for is electronic ballasts and T8 SPX50's. These are by GE and have a CRI of 86 - also better light output and efficiency than the T12's they have been running... The upgrade will pay itself off in a few years anyway. My thought was, sure you can adjust for white balance and all - but with a low CRI bulb you are missing color information that all the white balance in the world can't put back.

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