Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer is here

The funny thing is, a week ago it was not.

The first two photos are from 2-3 weeks ago. The last one, from this morning. A week ago the birch trees were finally in leaf - but the weather had still not made up its mind. These photos are all taken a bluff near my house.

First "Alaskan Crocus":

The Delta River in Spring: (I'll post a summer update for comparison; see archives for some shots during winter.)

And finally, summer is here! (When I first came to Alaska in Feb 2007, and watched the endless white turn to mud and grey brown grass, I was convinced that I would never see real green again...)

The lens saga continues. Sigma offered to charge me $160 to repair - I said no, thanks. They shipped it back and I will have to sell as-is on ebay. Meanwhile, here are a couple more pinhole photos - this time I used the black rosco cinefoil instead of silver so the quality is that much better.

It is amazing that with so little effort it works so well.

I have been super-busy recently, what with family visiting and a new job starting. Hence the lack of posts. This situation may not improve... But here are some photos from the new job site:

It is a WW2 era hangar, all wood construction. I find the roof to be fascinating! It is an awesome building.

And finally for today, one of my favorite photos from the family trip I just took. Crossing over the tracks this image caught my eye, and since I was alone in the car (blessed moment!) I pulled over and ran back for it. I am trying to get better at stopping for photos when I see them.

All photos today (less the pinhole ones, shot with a 20D) are courtesy of my trusty fujifilm F30.

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