Sunday, January 27, 2008

the second day

Fuji F30, F7.1, 1/480, iso:100

This first image I am calling "Homecoming" because it happens to be what I see every time I round the last few bends in the road and am, to all intents and purposes, home. Sometime I will get a night shot of this. I took this one mid morning with the arctic sun shining northwards straight and low. After taking this shot I climbed the bluff (to my right in the photo above - use your imagination) because I really wanted to get a photo of the mist rising from little rivulets in the Delta river's delta. Check out Google Earth if you are interested in how it all fits together geographically. Today the temperature was around -30F. That cold and below the river water steams - that's where all the mist you see above is coming from. When the sunlight hits it just right the streams & mist become like ribbons of gold, which I have only ever captured from the road before.

Below is what I found from the top. Not as good as I had hoped. It was a lot of work to get up there and really chilly, also. I had on a snow suit and snow boots but there was a gap between the two and the knee-high drifted (also super chilled!) snow packed its way into a nice hard ring around each ankle... By the time I slid my way down to my van again my ankles were totally numb - but my feet were quite normal, which is something I had never experienced quite that way before.

Fuji F30, F5.6, 1/600, iso:200

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