Monday, January 28, 2008

the third day

F5.0 - 1/170s - iso200

This photo is from a few days ago. In my very first post the image with weird trees contains this very same sunset - you can see the diagonal dark backslash in both photos. I pulled over further down the road on my way home to take this (my driving was suffering...). You can see snow blowing off the peak to the mountain left center. It was quite glorious.

This manhole is where I have been working in the recent past and will be again in the near future. I'm splicing both copper phone lines and fiber optics down here. The copper is done (MS2), the fiber ahead (fusion, with an FSM-17S).

This is what you see when you open a filled PLP splice case. You have to dig through this hard gel(the dull amber stuff) to get to the copper wires. After splicing, the case is reassembled and re-poured with a two-part polyurethane gel. They call it re-enterable gel in the industry - however it acts just as if it were designed to resist re-entry at all costs. After some struggle I got the job done, though...

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