Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hacking a Canon off-shoe flash cord part 1

In this post and a follow-up I will show how I modified a Canon off-shoe flash cord to use a standard ethernet / network patch cord. Why? Well, the length of cord that the item had to begin with was really unusable except for handheld flash. See the first photo for this. I want to use my new 420EX flash more remotely than that. A quick look at the cord told me I had 6 wires to deal with and what could be more perfect than a network cord, given the general availability - and I can easily make custom lengths using crimp-on ends. Or I could even use a building's built in network... :) The connectors are nice also in that they have a latch and so won't pull out.

I found a couple of jacks and quickly saw that the project would work, given some careful hacking. See photos for more details.

The cord before (much) hacking took place

A record of which wires went where...

A network jack taken apart. (Note from afterwards - I didn';t have to take it aprt in order for it to fit. So I glued it back together...)

Showing everything taken apart more.
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